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rockinghams-copy“THE ROCKINGHAMS”
Entertainment in this program highlight the sensational sounds of “The Rockinghams!” This group covers an exceptionally wide-variety of music of the 60’s, and has recently features songs of the  some early pop classic 70’s as well!  The group is comprised of Brian, Paul, Randy, Jason and Kevin. More info on this “Fab” Group can be obtained by visiting…

sighc-15-pt1of2“SIGHC” – Show 15  (Part 1 of 2 Parts )
Entertainment in this 2-part series include the exceptional talents of Blues singer,  “Pete Lupo”  “Johnny Doo Wop” (John Scupelliti) – John Bishop – the ever-fabulous “The Expressions,”  & singer Ron Ruggiero with a quick “put-together act” called “Charlie & Friends”

SIGHC 14-Pt1of2“SIGHC” – Show 14  (Part 1 of 2 Parts )
Entertainment in this 2-part series include the exceptional talents of “The Silver Fox” (Chic Rhodes),   Blues Singer “Pete Lupo”  and “Johnny Doo Wop” (John Scupelliti).  Wayne was also fortunate enough to have  Music Promoter/Producer, “Mike Cohen” attending the event and agreed to conduct an in-depth interview with “Johnny Doo Wop.”
Part 2 includes footage of headline acts, “The Dolphins” and “The Echoes of Time.” 

FleetWk-PT 1
“Fleet WeeK”   (Part 1 of 5)
This event was held on Memorial Day Weekend in honor of all our Military and Veterans.  The afternoon’s event was assembled by Ronn Rossi, President & CEO of “Stars on 45.”  This 5-Part Series of Shows includes just a small sample of all the sensational acts of all the talent that dedicated their time and energy to ensure it was a highly successful event!  Entertainment in Part 1 includes: “Twin Gold,” (Jane & Louise)  and   “Frank Frizalone” (Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist) 

FleetWk-PT 2“Fleet WeeK”   (Part 2 of 5)
Entertainment in Part 2 highlights the exceptional sounds from: “The Brooklyn Keys”

FleetWk-PT 3
“Fleet WeeK”   (Part 3 of 5)
Entertainment in Part 3 highlights the talents of: “The Fireflies” and
Elvis Tribute Artist
“Patrick Perone”

FleetWk- PT 4“Fleet WeeK”   (Part 4 of 5)
Entertainment in Part 4 highlights the talents of: “Lenny Cocco’s Chimes” and
Country Singer Sensation

FleetWk-PT 5
“Fleet WeeK”   (Part 5 of 5)
Entertainment in Part 5 includes music from Recording Artists: “The Rip Chords” and
“The 1910 Fruitgum Company”

Veteran Shows-Pt1“Our Heroes Night Out”   (Part 1 of 3)
This event was held thanks to the ongoing efforts of “Carol Klein & Family” in assisting homeless and disabled American Veteran’s (for more  info visit: The Entertainment for this evening  included 2 Members of “Youth Be Told,” Lennon Ashton and Katie Zimmer,  “John Frizalone,” “Frank Frizalone,” “Anita (Starlite) Bloomfield” and “Tommy Sullivan” (of “Johnny Maestro  & The Brooklyn Bridge” fame).  In Part 1, Lennon Ashton & Katie Zimmer (“Youth Be Told”) as well as “Anita Starlite” entertain the audience.
Veteran Shows-Pt2of3“Our Heroes Night Out” (Part 2 of 3)

Roadhouse13_Pt1“SIGHC” – Show 13 (Part 1 of 2 Parts )
Entertainment in this 2-part series include the remarkable talent of “The Velvet Teddy Bear” (Carl).  Also “Pete”  sings some soulful blues songs.  The ever-popular house-group, “The Expressions” perform some toe-tapping melodies with “Tony Aquino” (The Nostalgix).  Headlining the afternoon’s performance were 60’s recording group, “The Dolphins” and stimulating group, “Witness.”   Come watch and join the fun!

Roadhouse13-Pt2of2“SIGHC” – Show 13 (Part 2 )

RiskyBiz“Holy  Spirit Church”
Radio Celebrity, “Mr. Don K. Reed” (of WCBS 101.1 FM fame) hosts an evening of entertainment including the exceptional talents of “Risky Business” and  “Vinny & Tina.”
Don K. Reed’s coninuing “Doo Wop Shop”  can be heard each Sunday evening  @ 7PM over at www.TheBelmonts.Net.

Roadhouse12“SIGHC” – Show 12  (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
Performance segments include “The Dreamers.”  Cable TV Show celebrity “Nicholas Anthony” entertains the audience with a couple of numbers.  Popular house-group, “The Expressions” perform several songs singing with “Carlos Vasquez” (of “Nfinity” and with “Tony Aquino” of “The Nostalgix.”   “Tony Aquino” also teams up “Joe Gironda” (another member of “The Nostalgix”) for 2 songs.  Also performing is “John Scupelliti” (Johnny DooWop) and “Ron Ruggerio” (of “The 3rd Edition).  Current and former Members of  “The Deja-Vu Experience”  also perform a song in this 2-part series. The event was hosted by  the incomparable  “Internet Radio DeeJay Stuart Weiss” (

“SIGHC” – Show 12  (Part 2)Roadhouse12-Pt2

Deja-Vu-RH11-Pt1“SIGHC” – Show 11  (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
Performance segments include the ever-popular, “The Expressions.”   Included is an encore appearance by “Debbie Smoot” who was first introduced to “The Staten Island Group Harmony Club” by event-Host, and Internet Radio DeeJay Stuart Weiss (   Headlining the event for that afternoon was “The Deja-Vu Experience” covering a wide-variety of music favorites.

Show 10  (Part 2 of 2 Parts)
Performance segments include: “The Expressions” and the ever vivacious and talented, “Twin Gold” (Jane and Louise).

Roadhouse 10-Pt1 copy
“SIGHC” – Show 10  (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
Performance segments include:  John Scupelliti, Nick Bach and “The Expressions” featuring Tony Aquino (The Nostalgix) and recent new member Bill Pron.

Roadhouse 9-Pt1 copy“SIGHC” – “Show 9” – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)
 Performances include “The Expressions” “Chick Rhodes” (The Silver Fox) and a moving tribute by “The Echoes of TIme” in a tribute to their recently passed lead singer, “Sal Vitale.”  Tony Aquino of “The Nostalgix” sang lead for this tribute. Also, a superb performance by singing waitress, “Christie”

Roadhouse 9-Pt2“SIGHC” “Show 9” (Part 2)
 Performances include: Angel Rissoff (formerly of “The Planotones” – “Cool Change” A Cappella group famous for their singing performance in “A Bronx Tale.” “The Expressions” also help kick of the program with their exciting music.

“SIGHC” – “Debbie Smoot” – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)
Special Guest Performance is by Ms. Debbie Smoot, of PA.  who was introduced to  the “SIGHC” by Dee Jay Stuart Weiss through his Internet Radion Program.   Part 1 (above) includes various  performance footage including “Tony Gutierrez” and Joe Morelli”  (members of “The Echoes of Time.”  and interview segment by DeeJay Stuart Weiss.  In Part 2 (below) performances are by “The Silver Fox” and “The Echoes of TIme.”   (It is with deep regret that we report the recent passing of lead singer “Sal Vitale” and the program is dedicated in his memory.)
Roadhouse8-Pt2(Above – Part 2 – Includes “The Silver Fox” and “The Echoes of Time”)  Producer/Promoter “Mike Cohen” (“Mikey C.”) conducts an interview segment with “The Silver Fox.”

“SIGHC” – (Various Performers) – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)
This program features various entertainiers, including “John Scupelliti,” “Nick Bock,” club-regular, “Carl” along with  performance by  “The Expressions.”   Part 2 (below) includes performance footage by house DeeJay and Performer, Carlos Vazquez’s new exciting group “NFINITY.”  Part 2 (below).
(Part 2) – “NFINITY”

Rpadhouse 6-Pt1of2“SIGHC” – “Echoes of Time” – Part 1 (of 2 Parts)
Special Guest Performance is by “The Echoes of Time” whose performance can be seen in Part 2.  Part 1 (above) includes performance footage of “The Expressions” and “Nicholas Anthony” who can be heard on his own program on Staten Island CTV, “Requestfully Yours.”

Roadhouse6-Pt2“SIGHC” – “Echoes of Time” – Part 2
Performance of highly entertaining, “The Echoes of Time” is included in this program.


Various-RH5-Pt1-2-1Above is Part 1 of 2 Parts – The headline Act at this recent “SIGHC” Event was “The Limelites” (whose performance is highlighted in Part 2 -below).  Interviews in this program include:  John Scupelliti (formerly of “The Reactions”), “Nick Bock” (formerly of “Nick & The Time Spinners”) and also “Tommy Dolan” (formerly of “The 5 Heartburns”).  Musical performance include the ever-popular “The Expressions”

Limelites1Above is Part 2 of 2 Parts –  Interview/Performance by the inimitable “The Limelites”  (Al Hanfield, Eddie Jackson, Wendell Williams).  Also, performances including, “John Scupelliti,”  “Alex Augustine” and “Nick Bock” are included in this program!

Roadhouse4-Pt1of2Above is Part 1 of 2 Parts – “The Staten Island Group Harmony Club.”  Part 1 includes performance material by “Carlos” and “The Expressions” who opened the show prior appearances by “The Vic Donna Group” and “Rock ‘N Rhythm” (performances included in “Part 2”).   As customary, Internet DeeJay “Stuart Weiss” hosted the activities.  Interviews includes “Tony Carbone” (Part 1) conducted by both “Stuart Weiss” and Producer/Promoter, “Mikey C.”   “Vic Donna” and “Betty” of “Smooth Gem” are interviewed by “Stuart Weiss” in Part 2.
Click on the Picture Above to View Part 2 of “The Staten Island Group Harmony Club.”

Tropical - Pt1-2 Above is Part 1 of 2 Parts – “The Goodfellas DooWop  Club featuring singer “Bill Witt” (Rocketones/Paragons/Velours), “Al Hanfield” (Limelights), ” “Eulice Mason” (Martells/Velours), “Luther Hudson” “Encorz” (R&B Gorup), “Robert Pou” (Singer/Producer/Actor) “Creative Energy” (A Cappella)  The  event was hosted by “Alex Augustine” (Norman Fox & The Rob-Roys) Appearances/Interviews include: “Mikey C.” (Producer Promoter) Internet Radio Host, Stuart Weiss, Bill Witt,  Eulice Mason, Al Hanfield, Robert Pou, Robert Kretchmer (Starlight Records & Discs)   The Event was held at “The Tropical Restaurant & Lounge” 88-18 Jamaica Ave., Woodhaven, NYTropical - Pt-2Click on the Picture Above to View Part 2 of “The Goodfellas DooWop Club”

MikeyC-StuartWeissAbove is Part 1 of 2 Parts – “The Staten Island Group Harmony Club” featuring singing group “The Nostalgix.”   Picture above with Wayne is Music Promoter, “Mikey C.” and Internet Radio Host, Stuart Weiss.  (**Please note that in the program the group “The Nostalgix” was mistakenly identified as “Nostalgia.”)

NostalgiaAbove is Part 2 of 2 Parts – Featuring the exciting  singing group, “The Nostalgix” at a recent “Staten Island Group Harmony Club” show!  (**Not “Nostalgia” as incorrectly titled in the program).                To Contact “The Nostalgix” visit:   – or – Call                                  Tony  973-508-2342, or Joe  732-779-3108